Thursday, August 29, 2013

Coby CV195 Ends My Searching for Headphones

The Incase Sonic is now my primary headphones except in very hot summer days then I use Koss KSC75. They do not isolate noise; so I've been searching for cans for bus and airplane etc. I listened to Bose QC15, Audio-Technica (in RadioShack) and Able Planet (in CostCo), they all do not sound natural.

I happened to see Coby CV195 in a local store and they looked lightweight and comfortable. For $20, I gave it a try. I'm glad I did. They are indeed light and comfortable, and they sound good and natural. The Incase Sonic still sound better (the richest sound ever) and are more comfortable, but these Coby are what will be with me on the go.

It uses only one AAA battery that last forever. It can still be used like normal headphones without battery, just no noise canceling. There is also a power button for easy turning off power and NC. When turned off, sound is about 2 clicks (3 dB) louder.

The headphone cord is removable and the jack is standard 3.5mm - you can replace the cord that you like, such as the extra one from the Incase, with MIC and control buttons. The cord is good quality, not thin (1/8 in) and long enough at 67 inches.

The ear cups are normally high, but like the Incase, I still want them higher; so I inserted some foams (red) like what I did with Incase.

I also loosed the two screws on each side to make joints more freely, thus more comfortable.

Like Incase, I made it wireless and cellphone ready with Samsung HS3000.

I have bought 3 pairs. The 1st pair had static noise on the left side, sometimes. I swapped the microphones, then the noise went to the right side. I return it to the store and bought the other 2 pairs that have no problem at all. One pair have higher hiss when NC is on, but not audible on a bus.

Don't be fooled by the incredibly low price, they even look handsome, period.