Thursday, February 22, 2018

Keep Oral-B always in full power

If you are an Oral-B user, you should have noticed that the brush becomes not so powerful if it is fully charged - after the green light is off.

So I use a timer to charge it only before and after the time I use it. For example, I brush around one o'clock at night so I set it to start charging at 10PM and turn it off at 2AM. About 4 hours. Similar for the morning, for another 4 hours.

Then I simply leave it in the charger all the time after each use. This way, the brush is still being charged when I use it and it is always in its full wings.

Depending on how many minutes you brush every time, you may set the total charging time anywhere from 5 to 10 hours. The key is to give it enough time to charge but never be fully charged before you use it. I brush for about 5 minutes each time and 4 hours (8 hours per day) is about perfect.