Sunday, February 26, 2017

How to extract Wechat voice messages

1) The voice messages are stored under /sdccard/tencent/MicroMsg/[akskjdkdkdjdkdkdajhueiieuiuowpq]/voice2. Each voice message has its own folder and is an amr file. Copy these *.amr files from your phone to your PC.

2) Download "wechat_silk" utility from here and extract the "wechat_silk.exe" file onto your computer. Drag the amr files and drop them onto "wechat_silk.exe". You'll get *.wav files on your desktop.

Now you can play these messages on your PC.

Optionally, you may convert and combine the wav files into a single MP3 file:

3) Go to a wav-to-mp3 site such as this to convert wav files to MP3 files.

4) Go to a MP3-combine site such as this and you'll finally have all your wechat voice messages in one MP3 file.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A must do for Chinese apps

Yesterday I was in CostCo and my Nexus 6 ran quite warmly. It was the Moli TV doing something in the ground. I opened the Swiss knife - Tasker, added the following profile and task to kill it whenever it is in the background.

New profile, Application, 魔力视频,  link to it a new task:

Code, run shell, am force-stop, use root.

Now go back to the profile, add to it an exit task, link it to this new task as well and unlink the enter task.

From now on, I can still open this app and use it normally to watch TV, it just won't have a chance to run in the back ground.

I did the same for TV Plus. Those are pretty much the only two Chinese apps I use that have no reason to run in the background.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Use SHB9850NC for noise cancelling only

In case you want to use the SHB9850NC for noise cancelling only (no music), you can find a junk headphone or buy one from Dollar Tree, cut off the plug and plug it into the Philips. This will disable Bluetooth and keep the NC active. Use a 3-pole (not 4-pole) plug.