Sunday, February 19, 2017

A must do for Chinese apps

Yesterday I was in CostCo and my Nexus 6 ran quite warmly. It was the Moli TV doing something in the ground. I opened the Swiss knife - Tasker, added the following profile and task to kill it whenever it is in the background.

New profile, Application, 魔力视频,  link to it a new task:

Code, run shell, am force-stop, use root.

Now go back to the profile, add to it an exit task, link it to this new task as well and unlink the enter task.

From now on, I can still open this app and use it normally to watch TV, it just won't have a chance to run in the back ground.

I did the same for TV Plus. Those are pretty much the only two Chinese apps I use that have no reason to run in the background.

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