Friday, May 12, 2017

Netgear N300, a good router for $17

My old D-Link DIR615 finally decided to quit after many years and recently I had to restart it daily. Saw some $17 routers in Walmart, Netgear and Belkin, and decided to give them a try. I grabbed the last Netgear N300, model WNR2000v5, while many Belkin's were still there.

Setup was extremely easy and configuration was all done by itself. All I did was open "" on my computer to confirm that I want it as an AccessPoint. I always use a netbook as a flexible and powerful router and home server for everything.

Much faster and better coverage than before. Now I can watch local HDTV stations over WiFi smoothly. Wish I had done this earlier.

It is a very small box standing up. No extruding antennas. The case is full of heat-dispense holes, ice cold to touch, a good sign of many years of smooth servicing.

Although insanely cheap, it has a power button! saving the hassle to unplug and replug the power in case a reboot is needed. Even more incredible, a WiFi on/off button too, above the WPS button.

In Chinese:


设置非常简单,我只启用了Access Point模式,然后全是它自己设定。