Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wireless charger

This LDesign Qi charger was on sale for $9.99 after $4 coupon (MBPABZQX), so I got one.

Turned out it works very well with my Nexus 6 and charging speed is no different than wired charging! If I use Nexus 6 charger with this Qi pad, charging is turbo fast and hot; if I use a general 2A charger, charging stays not hotter nor slower than normal. Exactly like a wired charger.

It works with LG G2 too, but I have not tested it much yet.

Convenient and no different than a wired charger in terms of charging speed and heat, and for just $10, why not!

I bought a $1 stand from Dollar Tree; charging vertically is less hot, takes up less room and is more convenient to use the phone:

[update] Sometimes charging is fast and hot but sometimes not. Strange.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

An easier way to enable SBS in Kodi

Kodi, by default, disables 3D whenever you restart it. Here is another way to enable it by simply playing a short video clip.

First you download the video file, 3DEnabler.mp4, then watch the following video for how to use it to easily enable 3D:

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Watch 2D video with Cardboard

3D and side-by-side contents are still scarce; the good news is, you still can watch any video with a Google Cardboard.

The first method is using Kodi. You need to set the pixel ratio to 2 and follow these steps:

Alternatively, you can install the SBSVideoPlayer on your phone. It is not a stand alone player though, it just converts a normal video to side-by-side within a video player. You open your video in a file browser such as ES File Explorer and select SBSVideoPlayer to open it:

The 2D video will look like this:

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