Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wireless charger

This LDesign Qi charger was on sale for $9.99 after $4 coupon (MBPABZQX), so I got one.

Turned out it works very well with my Nexus 6 and charging speed is no different than wired charging! If I use Nexus 6 charger with this Qi pad, charging is turbo fast and hot; if I use a general 2A charger, charging stays not hotter nor slower than normal. Exactly like a wired charger.

It works with LG G2 too, but I have not tested it much yet.

Convenient and no different than a wired charger in terms of charging speed and heat, and for just $10, why not!

I bought a $1 stand from Dollar Tree; charging vertically is less hot, takes up less room and is more convenient to use the phone:

[update] Sometimes charging is fast and hot but sometimes not. Strange.

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