Saturday, May 21, 2016

If you use FireFox, you must have Firemin

For many reasons, Firefox has been my primary browser. But its memory management has been hopeless and I have tried almost all methods in vain, until Firemin. I wish I have tried it earlier, well, I won't believe in snake oil if Firefox did not push me to the limit so desperately.

Before, my Dell Venue Pro 11 7140 running Windows 8.1 with 4GB RAM complained constantly "Low on system memory" and I had to frequently restart FireFox to make room for other applications such as Lightroom to be able to run.

No more, and here you can see the effect:

Incredible, but all true.

The only downside, as you see, is few percent of CPU consumed by Firemin; not a big deal, processor speed is more than adequate these days. Also, pagefile will get bigger and more heavily used; not a big deal again, SSD is large and fast these days. So, no free meal, but what you get is far more than what you pay in this case. As long as I no longer need to manually and frequently restart Firefox, I'm happy.

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