Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HP Slate 500 ghost tap issue and workaround

The HP Slate 500 has been working flawlessly after the fix of the WiFi problem, till this morning. What happened was called as "ghost tap" by many users - the screen behaves like being touched by nobody in a random pattern. Watch this video for what it looks like:

The workaround is to do a n-trig calibration. You may run the NtrigMTMCalib.exe found in the ntrig install folder (usually in C:\Program Files\N-trig\N-trig Software Bundle), or start this utility in the ntrig panel.

[update] Happened again this morning (2/16/2012) and cured by a calibration. The 500 had been in hibernation for 15 hours when I woke it up. Could it be the n-trig driver does not initialize properly after a hibernation? Anyway, if this "ghost tap" happens too often, I'll write a script to do calibration automatically whenever the 500 wakes up from hibernation.

[update] So far as of 2/22/2012 I have not seen this problem again, I have been checking it at least every morning.

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