Saturday, May 26, 2012

Get Staples coupons, now

Do it now, because it takes several days to get the coupon you want.

If you install a Staples app on your iOS or Android device, you can get one coupon per day. You can save these coupons and use them later. See details here:

What I found:
  • If you use an Android device, it must have a Google account on it. Otherwise you'll get a server error instead of a coupon.
  • Fake GPS is much better than Location Spoofer. You open Google Maps, search for a Staples store, then "share this place" to Fake GPS. Very handy.
  • Once you've got the first coupon, take a photo or snap of the screen for later use. A day later, you can repeat and get the second one. Repeat.
Below is the first coupon I just got. I regret that I did not know this sooner, because what I really need now is the $50 off $299 computer, which will take several days to get at the speed of one coupon per day. This is why I wrote this article so you can start now before too late.

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