Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nook HD+ for $150 in Target etc.

Today is the last day for this sale in Target, better go grab one as you can return easily to Target if you'll not like it. Other stores honer this price too, such as Walmart, Staples and Fry's etc.

The whole point is about its screen, 1920 x 1280, truly HD, almost retina and very close to iPad's 4:3 ratio, 1.5 vs. 1.33. Almost all Android tablets are 1.77 or 1.6 - way too ugly long.

It plays flawlessly the AVCHD (mts) 1080p video from my Panasonic G5 camera, using DicePlayer. The super high resolution and good ratio, plus microSD slot, make it good for photos viewing too. A good company to digital cameras, for examining photos and video on the road.

It's slightly lighter and smaller than iPad, perfect size to read full web pages without scrolling and zooming. No any camera though.

Posted this article on Nook HD+.

[update] I initially bypassed the OOBE and did not register. Touchscreen was not responsive, sometimes. I then did a factory reset and went through the initial registration process. It got automatically updates twice, to V2.1 which added Google apps including Play Store etc. Now very smooth.

The only app that does not work is CNTV full version (not the CCTV version which is garbage). But I've found something even better - W. TV 手机电视:


  1. Hi Fitwxc,
    Although you don't know me, I got lot of help from you and really appreciated it!
    I am thinking about buying this Nook HD+, do you know whether it supports Chinese input? Will WeChat work on it (Chinese input and voice chatting). Thanks. Hope to see you in any other Chinese forum.

    1. I use Google Pinyin on it, it does Chinese handwriting and voice input too. No any camera.

      I think I'm returning mine to Target, the resolution is too high for my old farther. I bought the Pantech for him, but it was lost in the mail to China.

      For myself, I just got an Acer W3 8.1" from Office Depot for $350. It runs Windows 8 Pro, very smoothly, much more responsive than any Android tablets including the HD+ which is the most jerky Android especially for a dual-core.

      I might buy another Pantech for my farther because I have not seen anything newer and more ideal for him.

    2. Thank you so much for your response and other recommendations. Same as you, I plan to buy this for my mom. I will look other options as well. Again, thank you, always enjoy reading your articles.