Friday, May 16, 2014

The computer of the future

Windows tablets need a keyboard but so far nobody has done it right. The Surface Pro adds a supporter on the back; ASUS T100 adds an iron in the keyboard. Both are flawed. Why nobody has not done it this way is beyond me:

Simple and flawless.

More on this keyboard.


  1. How well does this setup work while laying down in bed?

  2. Can you post some photos instead? There's only half a sec shot of how it hold the tablet and angle of the clip etc.

  3. What do you think ASUS T100 (T100TA-H1-GR, H1 to Lv Ka ;-)) for day to day operation?

    1. More than adequate. I was actually waiting for this hard drive version, but the Miix deal came sooner. Miix screen is enough for my eyes, but if it is too small to you, then the T100 is the one.

      The iron was another big reason for not waiting for the T100. Now with this trick, you can remove the iron without any side effect.

    2. Thanks! With the 500GB inside the kb, it still has the 7 oz fat?