Thursday, July 30, 2015

Get Windows 10 now

but don't upgrade yet at this early stage, to be wise as always.

Go to Microsoft's this site and download the Media Creation Tool to download Windows 10.
  •  Then you can select a language and these versions: Home, Pro or Both. 
  • The "N" suffix means no Media Player included for European users.
  • If you are going to burn DVD, you'd better select either Home or Pro, once at a time to get both separately. If you select "Both", you'll need a DL disk which is expensive and very troublesome to burn.
  • If you need the 32-bit version only, you must run this tool on a 32-bit PC, or the process will fail at the end of downloading, wasting your bandwidth and time.

After the file has been downloaded to your computer, the tool let you chose between a USB drive or a DVD. If you choose DVD, you'll be asked to save an ISO image.

The downloaded files are stored in the "C:\$WINDOWS.~BT" and "C:\$Windows.~WS" folders. Even after an ISO image is created, the huge files will still be left in these folders. If you want to clean up them, you simply run this tool again and exit before download again.

It took 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your Internet speed. So you'd better run the great Don't Sleep utility to temporarily prevent your computer from sleeping.


  1. thanks! when is good time to install (a month)?

    1. Probably never to me, because I don't believe there'll be anything better than XP. All newer software just add garbage to fool wall street, and enforce more restrictions to the end users. Android is the same, the peak is 4.3.

  2. I have a Windows 7 Home now, will I be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro?