Saturday, April 15, 2017

Turn any headphones into wireless

I picked up the Taotronics TT-BA08 among others for the following reasons:

  • Up to 20 hours play time. Others are less than 10 hours, cannot serve a whole day.
  • Very small and light at 1 oz, ideal to clip on headphones as showing in above video.
  • Full control buttons for play/pause and volume/track.
  • APT-X for CD quality audio.
  • APT-X low latency (short delay). You can use two of these, one as transmitter and one as receiver, to watch TV with any of your favorite headphones.
  • Playing while charging.
  • Connect to two devices at the same time.
If your headphones have high impedance such as the Sennheiser HD600, you may give Creative Labs Sound Blaster E3 a try, supposed to drive 500 ohms.

If you want one that comes with a clip on it already and for free, Fry's is selling a smartbean adapter, free after $15 rebate. Note that it does not have all the above features, but you have nothing to lose.

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