Friday, December 1, 2017

Final fix for water in canister

If your Toyota or Scion car has check-engine light on after driving in heavy rain, you may watch this videos for diagnosis (ignore the condom part, no need to do that, because water did not get in from there, see the correct fix at the bottom of this page):

And this video for purging water out of the canister pump module:

For the permanent fix, block the small holes under the gas-feed inlet (take off the rear tire at the driver side and look up):


  1. Hi,,, just wondering if your still good to go on the scion..? no issues with water in canister/valve pump mod.?
    many thanks for the video... exactly what mine looks like.

  2. Hi, can you advise on where to purchase a valve/pump assembly? Purchased 2 cannisters with a brick of rust for a valve/pump motor... no way to be fixed. thanx

  3. Is blocking those holes going to cause any problems in the future with evap system?