Tuesday, October 23, 2012

iPad Mini: finally a tablet done right!

The iPad is too large to be portable. Anything larger than 7" is transportable, not portable. I always say: 7 is the golden size for anything portable.

All 7" Android tablets have copied the thick bezels from iPad, which is totally unnecessary and stupid, defeating all the virtues of 7". 16:9 or even 16:10 ratio simply suck: way too few lines to display in landscape mode and way too tall to hold nicely in portrait mode.

Look at the thin bezels and the 16:12 screen, this iPad Mini is finally the one that I have been suggesting for years:

As always, Apple's stuff are not my cup of tea - too crippled, too closed, too selfish and too greedy. However, this iPad Mini is revolutionary (iPad was not) and soon we'll see some Android tablets in this great form (thin frames, 7" and 16:12).

Now it can be hold in one hand, why not make it a big iPhone that does voice? Then it'll be the milestone in wireless history.


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