Thursday, October 18, 2012

Saw Lenovo Yoga in BestBuy for $999.99

Lenovo is doing a fantastic job for Windows 8 with upcoming Twist and Yoga. The Twist comes from a failed old idea from Microsoft 10 years ago due to bulkiness and crappy digital pen. The success of iPhone and iPad was mostly due to the finger-operated touchscreen that Steve Jobs got done right. But this time Lenovo seems have implemented the old idea correctly with a finger-operated IPS touchscreen (350 nit) and a slim body of 3.5 lb.

Of the two, the Yoga is neater to me. I saw it in BestBuy today for $999.99, to be delivered on Oct. 26. The screen is warm and vivid like Macbooks, unlike those from Korean and Japanese manufacturers that are always too cold and blue (hurt eyes). SKU: 6634279.

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