Sunday, December 16, 2012

Opera is THE browser for your phone

First, let's see the problem with other browsers such as the one built into Android, the Safari in iPhone and iPad and some 3rd-party offerings like Dolphin:

When you open a page such as amazon reviews, the font is way too small to read. So, you have to zoom in, but then you can no long see full lines and you have to scroll left and right endlessly to read a page:

Opera does not have this problem. You can zoom in (or out) as much as you want and you always see full lines:

When you are typing text, Opera is also the only one that lets you see full lines.

A very unique feature of Opera: you can insert or upload any files from your phone's storage. With other browsers, you can only deal with some files such as photos, you cannot fully access your phone's storage.

Opera does not run my phone hot, all other browsers do. It means longer battery life too.

There are few sites such as and that all browsers cannot do, then FireFox is the one.

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