Saturday, January 26, 2013

Never use Windows 7 Photo Viewer!

Colors are way too off! So is the Windows Live Photo Gallery!

Use XnView instead, which offers many great features such as multiple instances (a must for comparing photos), browsing (PgUp/Dn), installation free (portable) and raw (including Panasonic rw2).


  1. Hi,

    Sorry to bother!

    Have you tried G5 with 45-200mm lens for shooting photo and movies? How do they look like?

    I want to buy the lens for G5, but not sure how its doing with G5?


    1. I no longer have the 45-200, I sold it after bought a 14-140, because I hate to change lenses on site. If I know I'll need a long range, such as football photos, I'll put the 14-140 on the G5, otherwise the 14-45 stays on the camera all the time for its sharpness across edges, apertures and lengths, light weight and 14-162 coverage with ETC.

      After playing with lenses, I've found that a 20-100mm f/2.8 would be the best, because the difference between 20 and 14mm, 100 and 140mm, are very small and a 5x zoom is much easier to make than 10x and much more versatile than a 3x. Unfortunately never such a thing.

    2. Thanks a lot! This is really helpful.