Sunday, January 20, 2013

Panasonic G5 Low Light Samples

I took my G5 to a stage performance and did about 2 hours of photos and video. Most photos are ISO 3200 and video were done with continuous AF (some had face detection enabled) and handheld, as always. Photos are clean and sharp and video is extremely clean and silky smooth. This proves G5 is currently the best choice for both 1st-class photos and video, no other cameras can do such kind of video with C-AF. If you're a soccer mom, this is what you can expect from such a compact and inexpensive camera (below $500) for your kids' recital.

The following 16:9 photos were direct JPEG taken while filming video, the rest were RAW taken in photo mode. Most are ISO 3200, about two are 1600. No any PP. When I got home, the 16GB SD card was full and battery still had two bars left, after two hours of continuous photo and video shooting.

Few more ISO 3200 I took yesterday:


  1. really nice and really helpful.
    Thank you very much

  2. Could you please tell me which lens you used to record the video and photos?

    1. 14-140mm mostly; the bottom five exept the 4th are 14-45mm. The RAW version of these photos give more details especially in dark area:

    2. Thanks Sean. I found a G5KK bundle on eBay which is body plus two lens 14-42 and 45-150. Should I buy an extra 14-140 mm lens?

    3. No.

      Most people recommend 14-140 for video, very wrong. G5 does not need 14-140 for video, because its ETC mode can make 14-42 a 14-140. For photos, 14-140 is not so good. So, I cannot see much point and it is very heavy.

      14-140 does have a smooth zoom ring while the 14-42 does not, but still no compare to the PZ of x14-42.

  3. Why are the GH2 and G3 hacked and G5 not?

  4. The hacker must get the firmware which the only way to get is when Panasonic publish an update for the model.