Monday, February 11, 2013

Finally, tablets do AVCHD

Tablets have been marketed to be able to play 1080p, not entirely true until recently; none of them could play the AVCHD video from my Panasonic cameras. Now with Tegra 3 and Mali 400MP (Cortex-A8) GPU, tablets finally play AVCHD.

In above picture taken in an OfficeMax store, the three on the top shelf all can play AVCHD flawlessly. They are:

  • ASUS TF300T, NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core, need install DicePlayer, 10", $299.
  • Michley Tivax MiTraveler 970, Cortex-A8, native player, 10", $229.
  • Azpen A701, Cortex-A8, native player, 7", $129
The Michley has a 4:3 screen like iPad, but the screen seems very low quality. Nexus 7 has a Tegra 3 Q-C processor too, I guess it can play AVCHD fine.

A big surprise is: Samsung Tab 2 still cannot play my AVCHD files! Some users claim no problem though, maybe with the bsplayer?

I wish Pantech or other manufacturers make something like the Element, i.e., 4:3 7-8" 4G, with a processor that does AVCHD, then my dream tablet finally arrives.

Abstract in Chines

索尼和松下的高档相机和摄像机的视频采用AVCHD格式,iOS(iPad)和Android平板电脑一直都播放不了。采用NVDIA Tegra 3 四核或Cortex-A8 Mali 400这些较新的芯片的平板现在终于都可以流畅地播放了!比如ASUS TF300T,Michley Tivax 970和Azpen A701等。令人费解的是,三星的银河2还是不行。我梦想的平板是像Pantech Element那样:4:3 7至8寸的屏幕,内置4G,再加上能播放AVCHD。

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