Sunday, February 10, 2013

Port out of Google Voice

Why you want to do this? Because GV offers a batch of numbers for you to pick up one that you like. Porting out, say, to PagePlusCellular, is easy and cost only $1.

First you need to create a GV account if you don't have one yet and pick up a number that you like, such as one with lots of 7s, 8s or 0s. Log into your GV account, and set up the voicemail PIN to the last 4 digits of the phone number. Then go to this link:

Click the "Unlock my number" button and you'll be prompted for a $3 charge. If this is a number that you ported in (see this article) to GV, then there is no charge:

Once you paid the money, the number will be unlocked, ready for porting out. You may also relock it in case you change your mind:

Now go to your carrier to start the port in. For PPC, for example, you fill a port-in form on its website:
  • Customer Contact Number : for PPC to contact you in case of any trouble
  • Phone Number : GV #
  • ESN/MEID : find it on your phone
  • Current Carrier : Google Voice
  • Account Number : GV #
  • Account Pass Code : GV voicemail PIN or last 4 digits
  • Account Holder's First Name : required; if you ever give one to GV, use that
  • Account Holder's Last Name : see above
  • Billing Address : must be a valid address even if you never give one to GV, or PPC won't start the port-in process
  • Billing City : see above
  • Billing State : see above
  • Billing Zip : see above
It'll take about 1-2 days and you can find the status in your GV account (notice the status is now "Approved"):

If you have an Android phone, you can use the "PagePlusStatus" app by WUSCI to check the status of the phone #, it should say "active" with a $2 balance. Dial *22890 and you are done.

Abstract in Chinese

Google Voice的号码是免费的,而且提供多个让你挑选。如果你愿意,可以把号码转到手机上,比如PagePlusCellular等。先要花3美金解除GV号码的锁定,然后就可以到PPC的网站去填表申请转号。填表时地址一栏一定要用有效的,否则申请无效。一般2天左右就成了,可以在GV的账号里查看结果。PPC会送你2美金话费,所以最后下来的花费是1美金。如果这个号码原来就是转到GV去的,那么再转出来的时候不收那3美金。

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