Friday, July 5, 2013

Must have accessaries for Acer W3

First thing first is a USB adapter, of course. This one cost $7, available in Fry's Electronics. Very neat and flexible - can be bent to any angle. It makes W3's micro USB port a standard one:

To connect to an external monitor, this micro to standard HDMI adapter is needed, available in RadioShack for $12:

If the monitor/projector does not have a HDMI port, then a HDMI-to-VGA adapter like this is also needed. Available in Fry's for $20:

It has a standard 3.5mm audio jack (see the photo below) for you to connect W3's sound through HDMI to speakers or headphones, a very nice feature. Then you do not need to plug your speakers or headphones to W3's audio jack - saving one more plugging.

All above adapters do not need any AC or DC to power them up.

This is how I use these adapters to use my W3 at office:

I use two USB hubs so I can connect up to 7 devices, such as mouse, keyboard, SD card reader, BluRay, and Ethernet. When I go out, I simply unplug the two adapters (both black at the left side) and I'm read to go; cannot be more convenient.

I have not found a good case, but I saw this one for Nook HD+ for only $5 in Staples, so I use it for now. A little larger, otherwise fully featured offering multiple positions:

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