Sunday, July 7, 2013

Some bugs found on Acer W3

Although W3 has much less bugs than W510 and earlier 32-bit Windows 8 tablets, I've still found some on it, after a few days, mostly using IE.


If  USB is connected and W3 wakes up from hibernate mode, then CPU usage will stay at 25% even doing nothing. This will drain battery quickly and make W3 warm and slow.

The one that uses CPU constantly is halmacpi.dll and a reboot returns W3 back to normal. I have two USB hubs cascaded and 7 devices: keyboard, mouse, SD card reader, Trended Ethernet, Memorex BluRay writer, WD 500GB portable and Hitachi Life Studio 2TB hard drives.

The only time W3 hibernates is when battery runs out. So from now on, I'd better disconnect USB when battery is low or when W3 needs hibernation.

IE Saved Pages

When IE opens a saved page, it hangs forever. This might be an IE bug and I think I still have to rely on Opera.


When run "powercfg /energy", this utility tool reports that the "Intel SST Audio Device (WDM) has made a request to prevent the system from automatically entering sleep". In reality, my W3 seems still go into sleep mode just fine and battery drops only 1% overnight. Could this bug reduce battery life during normal operation mode?

These bugs are not so serious, not a deal breaker. No crash so far.

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