Friday, January 17, 2014

Warning: Acrobits Push Notification

Once you enable push notification, you'll see in your asterisk log that your SIP account is registered every 10 minutes from this UA: UDP Acrobits SIPIS (

Even after I uninstalled Acrobits 4.02, this UA is still registering with my SIP account. I searched, but could not find a way to remove this. I had to change my password for this SIP account to get rid of this.

This is truly stupid. Push is supposed to save battery so your phone does not have to be awake to wait for income calls. However, Acrobits still keep your phone awake all the time, ever since V2.0. What's the point to push? Just to hijack my account without offering a way to opt out?


  1. The SIPIS server is registered, but your phone is not. You did not provide any evidence that "Acrobits still keep your phone awake all the time". You only provided evidence that SIPIS stays active. In fact, that is the whole point of the SIPIS server.

    I cannot comment on the opting out bit. Maybe it stops registering after a while. I seem to recall reading somewhere it stops after three days. To be fair, this is the entire purpose of the Push notifications. It stays active even if you close the app on your phone.

    1. See for yourself: install Wakelock Detector and you'll see your phone is awake 100% by Acrobits 2.0 and higher versions.