Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's a new year, let's clean house

Our computers always go slower and slower, three simple steps to get them back to work.

1. Clean up auto starts

This is the #1 cause for a slow computer. Start, Run, msconfig, then you'll see a window like this:

Uncheck everything, except the one for your laptop's mouse/touchpad. If you use Classic Shell, then check it. Believe me, you don't need anything else to be checked. Should you find something stopped working after done this, then simply find it and check it back.

2. Clean up 3rd-party services

Still in this Window, click on the "Service" tag, then check "Hide all Microsoft services", then you'll see all the 3rd-party services listed:

Uncheck everything. Again, should you'll find something stopped working after done this, then find it and recheck it. As you can see above, how many garbage I threw out! Or, think it this way: if all these craps are running in your computer all the time, how slow your computer will be!

3. Clean up scheduled tasks

Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Task Scheduler:

Right click on each and every item and disable them all. Your computer does not need any of them. Some Google stuff will keep coming back, you either uninstall anything Google (such as Chrome browser, Google Pinyin etc.), or make the update folder non-readable (C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Google).

Above 3 steps will not break your computer, not at all. If a function no longer work, then enable the related startup and/or service. You should do them every now and then to keep your computer healthy and smooth.


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  2. It is great hint. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!