Sunday, December 29, 2013

Updated my Note 2, now 4G on T-Mobile AWS!

My Verizon Note 2 was the best global phone until S4. I used it on 2G/3G/4G/LTE on Verizon (PagePlus), Sprint (BoostMobile) and AT&T and in China, Japan, HK, Taiwan, etc. However, it could only get 2G on T-Mobile. After updating to the latest 4.3 update, now it gets very fast T-Mobile 4G too!

On T-Mobile 4G:

On T-Mobile 3G:

On EVDO (Verizon/Sprint 3G):

It still cannot get T-Mobile LTE though, so the S4 is now officially the new king of global phones.

Beside AWS, one new thing I really like is: now you can see thumbnails when you connect Note 2 to your computer and browse photos.

The downside is some things no longer work after this update:
  • No more free hotspot or tether. Hopefully someone (or I) will post a hack like the one for S4.
  • Miracast no longer work with Netgear PTV3000.
  • Some apps no longer work, such Phone Info.
  • Many hidden codes no longer available, such as ##MSL#.
I root it with the same Saferoot method as I did with S4. To enable hidden menu, you need to edit the /efs/carrier/HiddenMenu and change "OFF" to "ON". Then you can dial ##3283# to switch EVDO modes or force T-Mobile LTE only:

"Hybrid Mode" means the phone will switch automatically between voice (1x CDMA) and EVDO (3G). If you select "EVDO Only", you won't be able to make phone calls.

To switch to HSPAP/UMTS/GSM or auto switch between CDMA/EVDO and T-Mobile LTE, use the built-in setting:

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