Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Le Pan Mini 8" IPS $99

At an OfficeMax nearst you. 1024x768 4:3, 0.77 lb, GPS, Bluetooth and Miracast (wireless display)!

It comes with Google Pinyin installed, so I typed a post on it in the store to KoT VOIP message board:

I have not opened it yet, because once opened, %15 restocking fee apply:

But go get one ASAP, this is good stuff, much better than the more expensive Nook HD+. Just don't open it until you're sure:

I'll test it especially on Miracast once I get home. If Miracast works fine, it is all worth the $99. I bought a used S4 Mini for the same price just for Miracast, but its screen is kind of too small for easy browsing TV channels and its battery is short.

If you buy today, there is a $10 coupon:

[update] Miracast works beautifully. Battery life seems good, battery level dropped from 80% to 20% after 3 hours of watching online video over Miracast. Very thin and light. Feels cool, thanking to its metal back. No automatic brightness.

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