Saturday, February 15, 2014

My V gift to you all!

A free PBX for direct Google Voice dialing and beyond!

Just go to KoT VOIP and happy calling.

I've been using SipSorcery for many years now. It was the first PBX that's done right, because it does not touch audio. However, it is not perfect, it does not solve NAT issues (such as one-way audio). It does not work with CallCentric and Nimbuzz etc.; it does not work over VPN.

So I always wanted to make my own PBX to solve NAT problems without touching audio path like SipSorcery. Touching audio - proxy relay, transcoding and, the worst, media processing for call recording, is a very bad thing to Internet calling, because it adds delay and stuttering. Totally not acceptable, especially  for VO3G.

Finally I got some free time and setup a PBX. After modifying some source codes and recompiling, plus some tweaks in configuration files, it worked so well, even much better than I dreamed of. It is so perfect, I must share it to you. So I tweaked it ready for more people to enjoy it. Then I setup a new web site just for it. Just yesterday, I setup an account management system, now you can simply register an account and start enjoying the perfect PBX current technology may offer!

New technologies are amazing, from installing a PBX, publishing a new web site, to writing an account management system, all done in just two weeks!


  1. Keep up the great work!

  2. Just curious, is this based on FreeSwitch and using callback for Google Voice? And do you still recommend SipDroid (e.g., latest version?) over CSipSimple?

    Really like your posts. Very informative. I'm also wondering how you set up K-9 to work with GMail, if you use it. The documentation says that push uses more battery than polling -- is this true for servers that support IMAP IDLE? I'm not really familiar with this, and would very much appreciate your input.

    Thanks and looking forward to more of your great tips!

    1. Sipdroid has some bugs that make it not usable, totally not usable. You either have to fix the bugs by yourself or get a copy compiled by me.

      I no longer use K9 for many years now. Back then the GMail app of Android was not dependable on pushing, so I had to use K9 instead.

    2. Thanks for the information. If you could send a copy to bai-peng *at* qq _dot_ com, that would be great. Would you also be willing to share your modified source code? (Or are your changes in one of the pull requests for SipDroid?) Thanks again!


      I initially set up FreeSwitch and used pygooglevoice to place callbacks, but Google kept sending me security alerts. In the end, I just decide to use a Bash script with curl and a saved cookie to do the same. This way I can also turn 2-step verification back on.