Sunday, July 6, 2014

SIIG 7200 Power bank - thin & light

Fry's and other stores are currently selling it for $15 after rebate. I bought one and cannot be happier. I always hate those bulky bars, very hassle to hold them with a phone or tablet. With this thin, square and flat SIIG, it is very convenient and handy.

  • It is like a phone (e.g. the Galaxy S4) in every way - size, shape and weight, and you can charge it just as you charge a phone.
  • So, when you use it, it is like you add another phone to the back of your phone.
  • 2A output, charges all my devices quickly: phones, tablets, radios, MP3 players...
  • It won't shut off after the phone is fully charged, but it will after the phone is unplugged.
  • Surfaces have good textures - not slippery, not nasty rubber, nor shiny piano.
  • Tactic button, one click, I always hate those that require hold down for few seconds. If you accidentally pushed this button, it'll shut off after few seconds.
  • I prefer it to the Anker internal battery because with this external one I don't have to hold more weight all the time.

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