Sunday, September 14, 2014

Unlimited for only $30/mon

Harbor is selling unlimited service for only $30 per month.

  • No activation fee and you can even activate your own t-mobile SIM cards.
  • Use any GSM and LTE phones.
  • Unlimited voice, SMS and data. First 1GB is LTE and reduced to 2G-3G afterward.
  • Unlimited SMS and data in 120+ countries including China.
  • Free WiFi calling to all countries.
  • Streaming music does not count as data usage.
Click on above link for more details. This is great for overseas, but T-Mobile signal is not so great in the states especially within malls.


  1. Thanks for the info, but tmobile's quality is still a question mark to me.

    Sorry if I could digress for a moment: now that pagepluscellular allows for 4g phones, according to this article:, all iphone 6(+) should work in all carriers. So what is your opinion get an unlocked t-mobile and activate at pageplus? I know I can buy an unlocked verizon off craigslists, but I want to explore options with credit card purchase protection, and just in case no working... TIA.

    1. It is not a good idea to buy a T-Mobile branded phone if you are going to use the hotspot feature (who won't with a fast LTE?). All T-Mobile phones including MetroPCS have hotspot deeply crippled. Even if you can enable it with some tools such as Tetherfy and xPosed, the routing table will still be erased after a while.

      Furthermore, T-Mobile phones are usually GSM only, cannot make PagePlus voice calls.