Tuesday, October 21, 2014

PagePlus ESN Change

So you just got a new phone and need to transfer your PagePlus number from your old phone. There used to be many websites that do it for free, but no longer. I tried ebay $0.99 sellers, big waste of time and patience, still waiting for my refund.

Turned out the best way to do it is PagePluseCellular's Live Chat. Just give them your current phone # and old and new ESN or MEID, or IMEI without the last digit, they'll do it within a minute or two. No any hassle, and free.

A typical chat for your reference:

pp: How may I help you?
you: Could you please do an ESN swap for me? Phone #: 9908908989, old ESN: 99000090909090, new ESN: 99000089898989.
pp: Do you have a SIM card for your phone?
you: No.
pp: Do you plan to use 3G on this phone?
you: No, just for voice calls and I use WiFi for Internet.
pp: As this is a 4G phone, you need to ask a dealer to program it. Do you still want me to swap the ESN?
you: Yes, please.
pp: Will be done in a moment.
you: Cool.
pp: It's done, anything else?
you: No, thank you!
pp: You're welcome and thank you for choosing PagePlus.
(Chat closed)


  1. ESN change from 3g to 4g lte? Do you know a place that I can check LTE SIM card validity, before try the esn change? TIA.

  2. I am thinking of buying an Iphone to use on Page Plus Cellular. Which ones work, 4 or 4s or 5.... The least expensive one will do.
    If I buy, as long as it is a Verizon Iphone, it will work, right? What about GSM/CDMA, should I concern about that?
    And what is the price range if I buy such an iPhone, I don't want to pay higher than I should.

    And where/how shall I activate it?

    Thank you very much

    1. Sorry I never buy iphone or anything Apple, as you mentioned "I don't want to pay higher than I should".