Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Get rid of some annoying pops on Verizon phones

I have been using Verizon phones for years because they are unlocked global phones even though I have to live with some annoying things. Two of them are:
  1. Whenever I insert a SIM card or the phone cannot find a data connection, it prompts for switching to global mode.
  2. When the phone boots with a new SIM card, it blocks the user interface by "Phone Activation" for 5 minutes.
For LG phones, you need Autorun Manager by MobiWIA - AndRS Studio and uncheck these two items:

For Samsung phones, the fix for the issue #2 is to remove the /system/app/SamsungSetupWizard.apk. Refer to my other articles on how to remove blotware, you need ES File Explorer with root enabled and /system mounted as RW instead of RO.

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