Friday, April 17, 2015

Cheap battery used in newer Insignia HD radio

The NS-HD01A is the last Insignia HD radio I bought and it is the first that can no longer hold a charge. I opened the case, this is what I see compared to HD01 (left):

As you can see, the new battery (blue) has less capacity, 750mAh vs. 840mAh, and it is made in China instead of Korea. No wonder, this battery died so quickly after only a year while my older HD01 is still working fine. The dead battery is blown, like many such China made ones I've seen:

As you know, I have two early models of HD01 that crash too often to be usable, so I moved one battery from them into this new HD01A and now it is working fine.

What a crappy company Insignia is!


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    1. I am in the market for an HD Portable Radio and read all your comments,
      Have you seen the Audiovox iHDP01A ? Is it the same animal?

    2. I saw it in Kmart, looks like exactly the Insignia HD01A.