Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Don't fix it if it is not broken

As a tweaker (other than a trouble maker), I know that rule, very well; so I never update any software. Somehow I installed a new version of the TouchMousePointer on my Miix, thought I had a copy of the old version to go back. Well, as always, the new version is erratic and double-tap no longer work (unless I do it extremely quickly). To make it a though tragedy, I can no longer find the old copy in my storage!

After lots of searching, the oldest version I could find is and, fortunately, it works fine on my Miix. To save your trouble finding it, here I uploaded it to my server:


There are even older versions around, 1.0.32 and 1.0.33. They work more solid than the, but they lack of an essential feature: click through the touchpad. For example, if there is an image file underneath the translucent mouse pad, you can still double tap on the mousepad to open it, as showing below. With this fantastic feature, the mousepad takes virtually no space/room on your touchscreen, as you can still see and access whatever underneath, and you can move the mousepad to anywhere you like without blocking anything on your screen.


  1. My rules:
    1. Always read feedback about current version BEFORE upgrading (it's worth waiting couple of days rather than become a beta-tester)
    2. Periodically make a backup of applications (Titanium Backup with data, or Total Commander - whithout data)

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