Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This is phone cases ought to be

I never understand why almost all phone cases are so thick, bulky and heavy. Totally unnecessary, and insanely expensive in local stores. I can only take something like this from Dollartree:

Notice that it is called "cell phone bumper", so I searched it on Amazon for my Nexus 6 and found two:

LJSGK Protective Aluminum Alloy Bumper Frame Case

Slim Armor Border Shockproof Bumper Frame Case Cover

I wish I bought one of these. I'm going to drill some more big wholes on the one I bough to make it cooler and lighter:

So sad, cannot find one for LG Volt

Thanking to sam888, ordered two of these on ebay:

[update 01/30/16] Received above cases from China and extremely happy! Super thin, 0.8mm, and light, 0.5 oz, and protects fully the phone. In comparison, the Spigen crap is 1.3mm thick and 1 oz heavy, and still leaves the up and down sides of the phone unprotected.


  1. I have a Caseology case similar to your Spigen for my Nexus and found that it made the phone too bulky. Instead I got a case from eBay (leather back) which cost about $3 and looks much nicer, and doesn't add bulk to the phone.

    Nice blog.

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