Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tweaks for Dolphin browser

Dolphin is currently the only web browser I can use on my phones. I used to use Boat, but it became worse and worse and, the deal break, it no longer do text reflow (or text wrapping) since KitKat. Dolphin used to be not so good compared to Boat; it uses much more CPU and runs phones hot, but still far less so than other browsers such as Chrome and UC.

Must-have tweaks for Dolphin:
  • Enable Dolphin Jetpack. Otherwise text reflow won't be available.
  • In Gesture and sonar, uncheck Shake to activate. This feature is very troublesome.
  • Change search engine to Google. The default Yahoo sucks.
  • Check Always show address and menu bar.
  • Change User agent to iPad, it works for most sites. If you find a site does not work, try set user agent to Android or Desktop. You can easily swap between them by swiping from the right side and click on the "Desktop" icon.
  • Check open previous tab on startup.
  • Check Auto-fit pages. This is text reflow or wrapping.
  • In Page zoom, uncheck Open pages in overview. This thing starts with the first iPhone and I never understand why anybody want this crap - must double-tap on each and every page you open.
See this short video to go through all the major settings:

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