Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Amazon Fire TV low storage fix

Since last week or so, my 1st gen AFTV always pop up a message for low storage. Turned out it was the Amazon launcher cache that took up all the storage.

Here is a dirty and easy fix, root required:

adb connect (change it to your IP)
adb shell
cd /data/data/
rm mbcache.db*
touch mbcache.db
touch mbcache.db-shm
touch mbcache.db-wal
chmod 0 mbcache.db*

Now, ls -all and it should look like this:


  1. Not able to see the file, nothing happened after "rm mbcache.db*"

    1. Yes, it's rooted. I can use the SU to get to the root@android:/data/data/ , I just don't see any response after I input rm/touch/chmod command. nothing happened and i can see the screen as you posted.

    2. Did you run su first? Use this command to find large files:

      du -a | sort -n -r | head -n 5

      If your screen looks like above photo, then all done and fine.

  2. My fire tv also running low storage pop up and then hangs. I checked via adb shell output shows storage full what file to delete now I already apply above procedure.
    130|root@android:/ # df
    Filesystem Size Used Free Blksize
    /dev 974M 48K 974M 4096
    /mnt/secure 974M 0K 974M 4096
    /mnt/asec 974M 0K 974M 4096
    /mnt/obb 974M 0K 974M 4096
    /storage/usb 974M 0K 974M 4096
    /system 756M 713M 43M 4096
    /data 5G 4G 1G 4096
    /persist 7M 4M 3M 4096
    /cache 756M 13M 743M 4096
    /firmware 63M 7M 56M 16384
    /mnt/shell/emulated 5G 4G 1G 4096
    /storage/emulated/legacy 5G 4G 1G 4096
    root@android:/ #

    1. forget to tell you this out put after removing Kodi 16.1 and its data.

    2. Your database/cache files might be in a different location. cd /data and du -a | sort -n -r | head -n 5 to find out the folder. cd into that folder and du -a ... until you find the large files.

    3. thanks for reply, I reboot it and df looks fine now.

    4. Yes a reboot clears the cache, but it'll become full again.

  3. How do you undo the chmod 0 command if I want to use the amazon launcher again?