Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things are all made in the same factory, but

their quality are still very different even though they look the same and cost the same. These two card readers, for example, look identical except color, are priced the same for $3.99 and sold in the same store, Frys Electronics, under different brand names. The ZEIKOS works very well, but the SUNPAK is junk.

The LED on the ZEIKOS is thoughtfully put. It won't light up if no card inserted. It flashes when the card is accessed (read/write activities). After you right click on the disk and select "Eject", the light turns off so you know now it's safe to physically remove the card. The SUNPAK never worked reliably enough to be usable, but its LED is "solid" - it's always on as long as plugged in, it never flash, never turns off.

I have returned the SUNPAK and bought two more ZEIKOS. I have used them on all my computers - laptop, tablet, desktop, Windows 7 and XP, never a single problem.

Watch this Youtube to see how the $4 ZEIKOS work beautifully:

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