Wednesday, June 13, 2012

14-140mm Photo Samples

These flowers are no longer fresh, I just had a little free time to take these shots. No any post processing, out of camera JPEGs, just down sized to 1600x1200. I think this lens is sharp and contrasty with beautiful colors and bokeh, just like or better than other Panasonic Leica lenses. And don't forget: this is a 10X superzoom especially optimized for video!

From their continuous numbering, you can see these are all the shots I just took within few minutes, very quick and casual shots. I did not take any more than those and pick up the good ones; they all look good. So these are what you can expect from this great 14-140mm lens without any special effort - just P mode. Of course, to get such warm colors out of GF2, you should tweak the settings (see my related article for details).

It's getting dark after dinner, so these are ISO 1600 and 800:

These two are cropped, this lens is the best for macro among all Panasonic lenses:

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