Sunday, June 17, 2012

Found a good thing about ICS

I was not interested in the Ice Cream Sandwitch - too slow and many great apps no longer run. It does have one good thing though: it can stream sites designed for iPad!

As you know, iPad uses m3u8 format for stream. Before ICS, Android did not support this format, the only workaround was Sky Browser (天天浏览器). SB can detect a m3u8 link and then let you click a button to play. But it cannot do the trick for some sites, for example, it can play only iFeng Information TV (凤凰资讯), cannot switch to iFeng Chinese TV (凤凰中文台).

Now ICS can play these m3u8 links directly, including all iFeng TV stations:

Actually there is one more good thing about ICS, it is the Chrome browser. It is still not as good as Opera Mobile - the very best browser for Android, but it does one thing that Opera can't: editing blogs on

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