Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Lady at OSU Commencement

If you've been thinking of a camera for graduation, this Youtube offers a such example. It was very windy and I was standing on the top (almost on the roof) of the stadium. I had to use ETC mode to extend the 14-140mm lens to 43-434mm to see our charming first lady. Standing up, handheld, no any kind of support, but GF2 and the 14-140mm lens still did a fantastic job on OIS and C-AF, considering the focal length of 868mm (35mm equivalent). And did I say it was very windy, see the girl's hat blown off, and I was near the roof of a huge football arena? The wind noise cut feature of GF2 mic also did a very good job.

This is the original without being stabilized by Deshaker:

For what Olympus, Sony, Canon and Nikon can offer, can they produce anything like this in a similar situation? Do they have anything available for 868mm, continuous AF and virtually free of AF hunting? Note that I'm not talking about camcorder, but a camera that takes DSLR-class photos!


  1. I have a GF3, and hacked with your firmware for GF2, it does look better, do you have any plan to support GF3?

    1. My patch works the same for both gf2 and gf3. The only difference is: the current gf3 hack requires the same GOP for different modes. My patch always uses GOP 6, thus no problem.