Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to access boostmobile account with a mobile browser

In the past the only mobile browser that allows typing in phone # to log into boostmobile account is FireFox. What a pain, because FF mobile is a huge resource hog like its computer versions.

Now there is an easy way, just click the following link on your phone or tablet, regardless what browser you use:

Once logged in, there is a link to go to the full site. The phone # you just entered is already there, no need to enter it again which is impossible to do with a mobile browser except FF.


  1. To show my support to this site, i always click one ads whenever I read article here. I suggest to open a new window when click a ads rather than change to sponsor's page from current page. thanks. 328

  2. Thank you. I have no control on that, Google does not provide that option.