Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Windows 8.1 still need keyboard and mouse


When one uses a Windows tablet or notebook, the job is usually not for content consumption but creation. A physical keyboard is a must.


Touchscreens can only do left and right clicks, they cannot do mouse hovering. Too many Windows applications depend on hovering, including Microsoft Office 2013 that comes for free with new Windows 8.1 tablets.

So, facing the floods of new Windows 8.1 tablets for only $300 -$400, the only one seems worth of considering is the ASUS T100:
However, there is one stupid thing here: the keyboard is too heavy at 1.2 lb. I understand the reason - to balance the 1.2 lb lid.

Acer solved this problem by building an extra battery into W510's keyboard. I understand Acer's solution is costly and the W510 sells for $700.

What ASUS should have done is to make the fat removable, giving buyers an option to replace it with an (expensive) battery.

T100's current solution is simply too stupid, a deal break, defeating all the purpose of buying such a device - the most portable.

[update] The fat seems removable for an optional HDD! If true, it is actually far better than an optional battery, because 10-hour is already enough but 32GB is way too small.

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