Sunday, October 20, 2013

The last tweak of G5

I've been using my G3 tweaks on my G5 and have been very happy with the output - vivid and sharp. Well, with one exception though: shadows were too dark missing details. So, my last tweak is to move both i.Dynamic and contrast to their extreme - the highest for i.Dynamic and lowest for contrast. The resulted JPEG is very satisfactory with shadow detail that's very close to that of RAW.




Here is a list of my G5 tweaks, applying to both photo and video:
  • Photo Style: VIVID, Contrast -2, Sharpness +1, Saturation +1, NR -1.
  • AWB: auto, no change to default
  • ISO Limit Set: 3200. The default is "OFF", then it is limited to 800, too low for indoor.
  • I.RESOLUTION: Extended
  • I.DYNAMIC: High

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