Sunday, April 6, 2014

AHK, cannot live without

The whole point of computers is to run programs. What if nobody has made a program to do your job? Then nothing else is easier and more powerful and efficient than AHK.

Many of my tweaks need AHK, here is a little more on it to get you started. After this, you can simply copy and paste my tweaks and enjoy them on your computers.

Download and install AHK.

Right click on anywhere on your computer, New, AutoHotkey Script. Then right click on this new file, New AutoHotkey Script.ahk, Edit Script.

Type this line at the end, and save:


Now, double click on the file and you'll hear a beep. Congratulations, you just made a program and ran it successfully!

You can try more things, such as this:

Sleep, 3000
Sleep, 3000

Now run this script again and you'll hear 3 beeps between 3 seconds.

Now you can do some real stuff, such as remapping the WWW key to Del for your Miix keyboard:

;WWW_Home -> Del

To exit the script, right click on the "H" icon in the system tray. If you don't have the Miix keyboard yet, you may replace "SC132" with "BACKSPACE", then it becomes "Del":

;BackSpace -> Del

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