Sunday, June 15, 2014

Delete Panasonic camera photos and video on PC

I usually remove the SD card from my Panasonic camera and insert it into my computer to browse the photos and video. Often, I delete some photos or video on the PC, then I get annoying errors on the camera, "This picture cannot be dplayed" or "This motion image cannot be played":

For the picture display error, the fix is quite simple: just delete the "FILEINFO.TBL" or all files in the "PRIVATE" folder. Don't delete the folders, just the files. After you put the card back into the camera, these files will be automatically generated again and no more error.

For the motion image error, you simply delete entirely the "PRIVATE" folder, then the error will go away, so are all video clips as well. So, you should first back up the MTS files that you do want to keep.

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