Monday, June 9, 2014

Friends tell friends to post sharpen photos

In my last article, we saw how important post sharpening was. When it comes to digital photography, post sharpening is a must no mater what lens and camera we use. Camera engineers simply have not figured out how to do it right in the camera, although Olympus is quite close, and the default settings of Lightroom simply cannot produce enough sharpness.
Before you go buy a better camera and/or lens, or even if you already have them, spend a little time in Lightroom with my settings, please! Why not DxO? Too slow.

Here let's compare the x14-42mm and 14-45mm lenses at the same condition with the same sharpening settings. Are there any differences? Yes, around edges and corners, such as the basket panels and the trees at the left up corners. Not a big deal, because it is usually the center area that matters. At 14mm f3.5 and 42 or 45mm f5.6:

And at f5.6, the x14-42mm becomes as sharp as anything can be, corner to corner:

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