Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Disable driver signature requirement

My Miix 2 8 must use a device that does not have a signed driver. By using the advanced boot options 7, I successfully installed the driver. I must use this option 7 each and every time, or the driver will still be disabled after a reboot. The problem is: the Miix does not have a keyboard, I cannot select 7 when I don't have an USB keyboard with me.

After some try and error, the fix is actually very simple: disable secure boot. In advanced boot options, select UEFI Firmware Settings, this will reboot into the BIOS:

In the BIOS, turn off the Secure Boot. From now on, the unsigned driver won't be disable after a reboot.

Now Windows complains about incorrect SecureBoot, but I don't worry about it.


  1. Install this update from Windows to remove the watermark without resetting SecureBoot:

    1. Nice found! I won't install it though, because that watermark does not bother me.

  2. hi there!
    nice blog do u have there. I bought my miix 2 because of your review of it, hope it will arrive soon. but i hope you can answer me 2 questions. Did u regret buying the miix 2 and not another tablet like dell venue pro 8 or asus vivo tab 8? the other question is, do u know if i can use the micro usb port for a docking station to get hdmi working or does a micro usb to hdmi work?