Friday, February 13, 2015

Snoring? I have an easy and simple solution

And it cost only $5 dollars, found in many stores.

Many men and women start snoring at 35 or so. Many of them found their mouths dry in the morning; a good jaw strap can keep the mouth closed and hence reduce or even stop snoring and apnea. Just do a search on "snore jaw strap":

There are many jaw straps sold on Amazon, but, according to many real reviewers, they cannot hold well and they fall off during sleep. They look like girls headbands, so I see no point to waste money and time on these "premium" headbands that I can find in any local stores for about $5. I might find one that actually works, I said to myself.

After some experiments with different types of headbands, this Scunci 39535-A turned out to be the perfect for this purpose, at least for my average head! It is comfortable and it stays on its position through out the entire sleep. Watch this video for details:

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

BTW, Amazon is full of fake reviews, just click on a reviewer and see all his/er reviews.

PS: Jaw strap is not clinically proven for curing snoring. The point of this article: don't be fooled by Amazon fake 5 stars, try it for few dollars first. Read the review by Honest Review.